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Carol McLaughlin is an accomplished artist who creates her works primarily in watercolor, but also pastels, bronze sculptures, fiber arts and collage. Painting in watercolor or pastel, Carol creates from her inspiration and close observation of wild flowers, California quail, song birds, wilderness landscapes, northwest petroglyphs and cave art like that discovered in Lascaux, France.  Carol uses her many years of skilled artistry to create ancient visions that are evoked from images of prehistoric cave paintings & petroglyphs. She feels a connection to their endurability and universal appeal.  Her bronze sculptures of cave paintings are unique because they turn a two-dimensional prehistoric drawing into a three-dimensional art form. Carol also enjoys making bronze jewelry, baskets, and collage compositions.

Carol’s art has been shown at various galleries in the Pacific Northwest and has won many awards at art shows. She has been written about by both "U.S. Art" and “InformArt” magazines. Most recently, Carol was featured on the OPB Oregon Art Beat television program because of her wide variety of creative skills.
You are invited to view Carol's paintings and meet the artist at Aspen Grove Gallery, where you can also view works by her husband Mark and other artists. You can also view and arrange to buy limited edition reproductions of Carol and Mark's artwork at:


602 N Main Street (SEE MAP)
Joseph, OR 97846

Phone: 541-432-9555


Seasonal Hours:
Monday - Saturday: 10 am - 5:30 pm
Or call for appointment.

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